Sustainability overview

To ensure long term profitability, UBM aims to be a leader in sustainable business, aligning all key business decisions with our sustainability strategy.  Our sustainability strategy has the following five focus areas:

The Sustainability Leadership Group (SLG) was set up in 2014 to establish UBM’s global sustainability agenda, long-term goals and the route map towards achieving them. The SLG includes two members of the Executive Committee (ExCo) and four members of the ‘Event’s First’ 2020 leadership cohort.  In order to prioritise our sustainability agenda, during 2015 the SLG conducted a materiality assessment.  This involved a global survey which gathered feedback from internal and external stakeholders.  Over 6,000 stakeholders took part in the survey, including employees, investors, suppliers and customers



You can download our 2015 Sustainability report here.