Nomination Committee


Dame Helen Alexander Alan Gillespie John McConnell Greg Lock
Dame Helen Alexander Alan Gillespie John McConnel Greg Lock
Terry Neill Jonathan Newcomb Mary McDowell  
Terry Neill Jonathan Newcomb Mary McDowell  


In order to achieve success in our strategic objectives it is essential that we have a strong Board with a suitable range of skills, experience and ability. Succession planning for the Board and senior management, with appropriate regard to diversity, is key to ensuring the sustainability of that success. With this in mind the Nomination Committee has sight of the development of senior management throughout the Group.

The Nomination Committee is chaired by Dame Helen Alexander: all the non-executive directors are members of the committee. The committee meets as required to review the structure, size and composition of the Board and to oversee the recruitment of new Board members, both executive and non-executive.

The role of the Nomination Committee is to ensure an appropriate balance of experience and abilities on the Board, by reviewing its size and composition and recommending any proposed changes.

During 2013 the Nomination Committee met formally on four occasions and considered succession planning for both Executive and Non- Executive Directors. The Committee’s activities during the year included the following:

  • Considering the process used to evaluate the performance of the Board and its Committees during 2013.
  • Considering the re-election of Directors at the 2013 Annual General Meeting and making recommendations to the Board.
  • Reviewing the composition of the Board and its Committees: agreeing to recruit an additional Non-Executive Director, who will also chair the Audit Committee. MWM Consulting were engaged to assist with this process: they provided no other services to UBM during the year but have been retained in 2014 to conduct the search for another Non- Executive Director. A series of candidate profiles were reviewed, and shortlisted candidates were interviewed by the Chairman and Committee members. John McConnell was appointed on 27 January 2014 and will chair the Audit Committee from 1 March 2014.
  • Appointing a new CEO: in addition to the formal meetings referred to above, numerous other meetings took place as a sub-group of the full Committee undertook the process of selecting a firm to undertake the search for David Levin’s successor. Committee members interviewed several firms before appointing Egon Zehnder: they are an international search firm and have previously assisted in the recruitment of other senior executives to UBM. A list of over 20 candidates was considered before selecting a shortlist. The shortlisted candidates gave presentations to the Committee and Tim Cobbold was selected.


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