Good governance is not merely about having the right policies and procedures in place, but is integral to the culture of the organisation. The Board takes seriously its role in promoting and supporting this culture, which is an essential element in generating value for our shareholders, employees and other stakeholders on a sustainable basis.

In practice this means that the Board takes the lead in setting the tone for the way in which UBM conducts its business, adopting and endorsing good practice which flows through into the organisation. The way in which we operate, the openness with which we debate issues and the range of views expressed are all important in determining that tone.

This section of the Annual Report describes how we implement these principles and comply with formal governance codes. As the strategy of the Group evolves, we will continue to review our approach to governance and to develop and implement practices as appropriate to support the changing nature of our business.

Dame Helen Alexander

Dame Helen Alexander


UBM Code of Business Conduct