Ethical business

Although UBM has a wide range of  operations, certain core values are common to all our businesses around of the world. These values inform the various codes throughout the group, and are expressed in the following principles:

Responsible business conduct

UBM aims to conduct its business with honesty and in good faith, free from fraud and deception. In order to achieve this, all UBM’s businesses and employees must:

  • comply with all applicable laws and regulations of those countries in which they operate, including in particular any regulations, codes or guidelines which apply to their specific business;
  • implement and observe codes of conduct which are designed to protect employees from harassment or discrimination in any form, and to provide equality of opportunity;
  • not give or receive bribes or other inducements to obtain or retain business, nor conduct themselves in such a way as to give rise to any conflict of interest; 
  • seek mutually beneficial commercial relationships with third parties with whom they do business; 
  • ensure that they do not enter into contractual arrangements that they are unable to fulfil; 
  • use company assets only for the purpose of UBM’s business and not abuse their position in the company for personal gain; 
  • ensure that adequate systems are in place to protect the group’s assets.
Responsibility to shareholders

To enable UBM to maximise shareholder value, we must ensure the highest possible standards of financial management and assessment of risk and control. We do this at both head office and divisional level by:

  • preparing detailed financial plans and setting clear performance targets;
  • challenging plans and targets, and monitoring progress against them; 
  • establishing detailed financial procedures, including the authorisation of revenue and capital expenditure; 
  • maintaining a comprehensive system of internal audit with efficient control processes; 
  • producing financial reports that adequately reflect and record all transactions that have been undertaken; 
  • ensuring that all proposed investments are fully evaluated and approved at the appropriate level and monitoring ongoing performance; 
  • taking decisions on tax, finance and accounting issues to optimise the group position.
Responsibility to customers

UBM aims to win and retain customers by developing and providing products and services of high quality. To enable us to do this we aim to: 

  • make certain that all products and services associated with our businesses are of a strict quality that accords with and aims to enhance their market positions;
  • develop and maximise our use of and accessibility to technology for the benefit of our customers; 
  • ensure that the quality of our products and services meets the requirements stipulated by the appropriate regulatory bodies as well as all legal requirements; 
  • compete fairly and ethically and within the framework of applicable competition laws.
 Responsibility to employees

UBM seeks to create an environment which attracts and retains employees of high calibre and in which employees will feel valued for their contribution to the group’s performance. Each division must:

  • implement and observe codes of conduct which are designed to protect employees from harassment or discrimination in any form, and to provide equality of opportunity;
  • ensure that their employees are fully aware of such codes and that they comply with them; 
  • operate a remuneration policy that is competitive and that rewards good performance; 
  • ensure that all employees know what is expected of them in their job, and are able to measure their performance; 
  • provide a framework which will assist employees to develop their capabilities; 
  • provide a safe work environment for its employees and ensure that employees fully understand their own responsibilities as regards health and safety matters; 
  • aim to develop policies that will support employees in balancing their work and domestic responsibilities.
Social responsibility

UBM aims to achieve partnerships which will benefit the community as well as enhancing UBM’s own activities. UBM attempts to do this by:

  • actively engaging in the community and using our expertise for wider benefit;
  • forging relationships with charitable organisations whose objectives accord with the general nature of the group’s activities; 
  • providing employees with the opportunity to engage in activities that will benefit the community and incentivising them to raise funds for charity by providing a matched giving scheme.
Environmental responsibility

As a leading organiser of events all around the world UBM seeks to be a “good neighbour” by:

  • reducing energy usage/waste in the workplace, promoting environmentally-friendly policies in the workplace and improving recycling;
  • fostering a culture of environmental awareness and responsibility; 
  • promoting practices that are environmentally responsible by running Events to share best practice in environmental matters, by reducing Event waste and driving improvements in sustainability across all our Event activities; 
  • encouraging employees, through various incentives and initiatives, to use greener forms of transport, such as cycling or public transport.

UBM expects all its employees to act in accordance with these principles, and requires its divisions to put in place procedures that will assist and enable them to do so.