In 2010 we set a target of reducing UBM's absolute carbon emissions by 5% by the end 2012. By December 2012 we had reduced carbon emissions by 10%, despite having grown the business and increased our headcount by 8%. In 2013 there was a 9% reduction in our emissions per person against our baseline in 2010. However new offices and better increased data collection in India meant an increase in emissions in 2013 over 2012. In 2014 we will implement best energy efficiency practices at our new Indian premises and we are targeting a 10% reduction in emissions per head between 2010-2016.


This emissions data is for all countries where we have offices producing more than 100 tonnes of CO2e (tCO2e) in 2013.

Several factors have helped us to achieve these significant emissions reductions, including:

  • The dedication and hard work of our global ‘Green Teams’ around the business, each of which is sponsored by our divisional CEOs.
  • Increased employee awareness and engagement, plus an inter-business competition with all UBM's offices worldwide competing to reduce wasted energy, and encourage energy efficiencies. The winning offices creating energy savings of over 25% per person.
  • Proactive energy management across our global offices, including the use of smart meters which increase the accuracy of our data and our ability to influence consumption.
2013 Environmental Achievements


  • UBM gained a place in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) FTSE 350 Climate Performance Leadership Index (CPLI). The CPLI recognises FTSE 350 companies which have demonstrated excellent results in carbon management and emissions reduction. UBM was one of only 15 companies to achieve a top level ‘A’ band rating with an 80% score in the CDP.
  • UBM’s Global Green teams have continued to grow. We now have 100 Green team members driving environmental best practice locally (2012: 15) in offices in San Francisco, Santa Monica, Manhasset, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, the UK and Amsterdam.
  • In February 2013 UBM’s London office was awarded the ISO14001 Environmental Management System certification – the world’s most recognised environmental management standard.
  • UBM’s London office received a Green Apple Award, for recycling more than 90% of its waste stream, with no waste at all going to landfill.
  • PR Newswire’s Denver office was awarded a Certificate of Environmental Excellence from the City of Denver Department of Health.
  • UBM became the first global events business to report the carbon footprint of its global events and exhibitions. Data on energy usage, waste, carpet usage and paper production at the events is now being collected for our European, North American and Asian shows. Each region has specific targets for improvements in data capture and emission reductions, working towards our goal of increasingly sustainable events. Calculated carbon emissions for 136 global events during 2013: 8,000 Tonnes CO2e.


Details of UBM's Environmental Policy can found here