We are a global business with employees and stakeholders from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds. Allowing diversity to flourish fosters greater innovation. It enables the business to respond more effectively to the rapidly changing business environment. It also helps us meet the range of diverse customer needs, and it enhances our creativity. 

Our goal is to recruit, motivate, and develop outstanding people from a range of backgrounds who work together to achieve common business objectives.  Diversity expresses itself in many different ways - in age, race, culture, sexual orientation, religion, belief,education, physical ability, personality, experiences and approaches to work.  We aim to maximise everybody's potential by harnessing these differences and creating a productive environment in which all are valued, where our talents are fully utilised and organisational goals are achieved.  Highlighting the Board's commitment to increase the proportion of female Directors on the Board to more than 30%, UBM has now achieved 40% female Board membership. UBM has improved gender balance at all levels of management and women now make up 52% of our management team.

In 2015 UBM's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) group was relaunched, and renamed 'UBM Pride' to reflect the support of the whole UBM Community.

During 2015 we employed on average 5,107 people and had 5,136 employees at the end of December 2015 in 20 countries around the world.

We have developed a range of procedures and practices to help our employees to achieve their full potential regardless of gender, age or background. These include equal opportunities policies and programmes which ensure people are selected and promoted solely on the basis of their skills and abilities.

The fair treatment of people with disabilites is important to UBM and as such we recognise the specific needs of individuals and, in particular, ensure that appropriate adjustments are made to enable us to employ disabled people. Should employees become disabled during employment we make every effort, through appropriate training or other adjustments, to accommodate their diability and enable them to continue their career with us.

The table below provides a breakdown of the gender of  employees from 2013-2015 (%).