Pro bono work, volunteering and employee fundraising

Where possible, UBM offers complimentary or discounted services to not-for-profit entities. Examples include:

  • PR Newswire providing free distribution, PR and marketing support to promote the Community Engagement Series;
  • PR Newswire US providing ‘Disaster Relief’ with free of charge press releases; and
  • InformationWeek donating banner ad space in response to their client’s hunger awareness campaign for City Harvest.

We also donate computer and other equipment to schools, and at our events we donate stands to NGOs to enable them to build positive relationships with specific industries. UBM employees are encouraged to undertake volunteering activities and are given paid time off each year to volunteer. UBM operates a matched giving scheme available to all employees who fundraise for not-for-profit organisations as well as a payroll-giving scheme to match regular donations by employees.

The UBM LLC Foundation pioneers several of UBM’s volunteering efforts in North America. In 2013, the Foundation supported 270 non-profits through volunteering and giving activities. Examples of initiatives include:

  • incorporating a student workforce mentoring activity into a senior
  • event managers’ retreat;
  • expanding a loyalty rewards programme to enable end-users to send
  • resources to Doctors Without Borders and place Kiva microloans; and
  • ad hoc initiatives such as sorting and distributing clothing to families in need.

In addition to our commitment to the Community Engagement Series, in 2013 UBM made cash donations to charities of £138,280 (2012: £197,172).  In total we committed cash, resources and services of £903,907 (including the Community Engagement Series) (2012: £719,347).