During 2015 UBM carried out an extensive consultation with employees to understand their view on how UBM should support community engagement in a way which was more closely aligned with the Events First strategy. Taking account of the feedback received we are implementing a new apporach to our community engagement through a mix of funding and volunteering effort.  We will also be improving our reproting in this area.


UBM volunteering policies which allow employees to take from one to four days per year working for charity or not-for-profit organisations, are now applicable to all employees based in the US, Europe and Asia.

Employees have been utilising these days in various ways, including reading to children at local schools, decorating homeless shelters and running events with community groups.

In December 2015, all of UBM Asia's senior managers volunteered for two days, building houses for a disadvantaged community in the Philippines.  The number of employees making use of their volunteering days has now doubled to 8% (2014:4%).

Matched giving

UBM's policy for matched giving enables staff to double their fundraising up to £500 per employee per year. In exceptional circumstances the Charity Committee has increased this matched funding allowance. For example, following the earthquake in Nepal in April 2015 UBM committed to matching employee donations up to £20,000, which in turn encouraged fund raising efforts across UBM.




Total cash donations to charity including matched funding (£)


Not reported


Total donations 'in kind' to charity (£)

Not reported


% of staff using volunteer days