We foster an open, entrepreneurial and innovative business culture which allows individuals to excel. Clear and open communication with employees is fundamental to achieving our business aims. In 2015, CEO Tim Cobbold visited many of our global offices and met with employees, while divisional CEOs hosted several town hall meetings with employees across the globe. 

As part of communicating the new "Events First strategy", Tim Cobbold hosted three townhall webcasts to share the strategy personally with employees in various different time zones.


UBM’S online community (the ‘Hub’)



A key way in which UBM employees communicate, connect and collaborate is via our online community, the Hub. This is a vibrant social business platform which enables our employees around the world to share ideas, knowledge, expertise and experiences in an open and collaborative environment. It supports and complements face-to-face communication and consultative forums, such as town hall meetings. It enables regular communications from Group and divisional CEOs including CEO Tim Cobbold who also provides regular UBM-wide updates.

In place for over six years, the Hub is a mature community and used by 99% of employees for regular communication and collaboration across business units and geographies.

Although we have over 5,000 employees across more than 20 different countries, our online community brings our dispersed company closer together than ever before. We have an established culture of sharing and learning, enabling our employees to tap into the experience and expertise of their colleagues worldwide.

Our online community creates a welcoming place where positive culture thrives, both mirroring and reinforcing our ‘in-person’ culture. We openly share successes, and admit mistakes, which is crucial to increasing quality and innovation.

Decision-making, planning and execution are enhanced or accelerated, particularly on cross-border collaboration projects.